How to spot it, defeat it, and regain meaning in your life.

+Photo by Kristina Tripkovic on Unsplash

How to stop settling and leave your married man, even if you still love him

Makunin — Pixabay

How to leave him while you still love him

Slapped after death with a rep he didn’t deserve, the truth will surprise you

Bill Robinson and Shirley Temple in The Little Colonel, public domain per and courtesy of YouTube

A fairy tale for grammar geeks and other social misfits

Girl nerd — Creative Commons 160167–1280

Be the squeaky wheel who gets the grease

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Black people are not responsible for your ignorance or laziness

Jane Elliott, Racism Activist and Educator

Only if we all examine and acknowledge our own learned racism, not deny it, may we one…

Why Covid-19 is — and isn’t — just one more old people’s disease.

Photo by Claudia Woff on Unsplash

Sharon Turnoy

*Messaging Maven *Freelance Writer *Ghost- Copy- Speech- Writer *Speaker *Coach *O.G. Feminist *Pool Shark *Jazz Fan *Social Justice Activist *Cat-Owned

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